Sir Price-Davies VC Shore Patrol Commander, UTP with Staff Officer and a Major General.

Two young men from Henley making ready to join the UTP review at Henley Sailing Club, Wargrave, 28/07/40. Taken at Shiplake lock. Thomas Ashley Church (holding the rifle) and Richard Hobbs.


UTP cruisers entering Cookham Lock. BAR and 2 P17 rifles on show.

UTP crew manning Cookham Lock.

Rear Admiral Sir Basil Brooke taking the salute at Wargrave, near Henley, as he inspected the boats from the UTP 8th April 1940.

Baby Greyhound, a 50ft slipper launch requisitioned by the UTP in 1942, shows a sign of the UTP HQ on the boat, this is spring 1944. US officers on board, General Eisenhower, General Launton-Collins (known at Lightning Joe), Chief of Staff Bedwell-Smith, near Windsor Castle.

Member of the UTP using semaphore flags.

UTP boats in Old Windsor lock, one named Dalhousie.

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