Vintage Boats

We hope to have a very special range of vintage boats moored on the island at Abingdon Lock, of course this will depend on river conditions.

The owners of L'Orage, a spectacular Dunkirk Little Ship, have confirmed their attendance. L'Orage was previously owned by broadcaster Raymond Baxter.  Lots more information about L'Orage can be found on the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships website History of L'Orage.

Was built by Chis-Craft, America's premier boat builder.  Her first owner was Sir George Harvey who died 1939.  She was requisitioned by the Admiralty in 1942, but her history is a bit of a mystery.  It was believed she could have been used in the evacuation of Dunkirk or possibly by the U.T.P.  For more information about Chris-Craft please see

1945 Mk7 'Cockle' Canoe 
A rare treat to see this unique, lovingly restored craft.  Read about its history here.

Other Boats
1930s Slipper Launch
Canoe Stern Launch - believed to be used by the UTP
1930s Chris-Craft Cabin Cruiser
Another Dunkirk Little Ship (to be confirmed)

More boats will be confirmed nearer the time when we have a better picture of river conditions.